Do you know what your customers are really thinking?

Do you know what your customers are really thinking?

How do you obtain direct real-time customer experience (cx) feedback?

How do you obtain direct real-time customer feedback?

Are you capturing CX data to increase customer loyalty right away?

Are you acting on customer data to increase loyalty?

Experience your brand as your customers do with the Undercover Customer Experience (uCX™)

If you don’t know what it’s like to be one of your customers – you should.

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Undercover Customer Experience (uCX™)

Unlike mystery shopper programs or activities performed by an internal undercover customer team, the uCX provides a process and systems point of view that focuses on human interaction and human behavior.The uCX liaisons interacting with your organization don’t just bring a customer experience background. A key differentiation of the uCX is the process and program are delivered by those experienced in organizational behavior and systems.

So How Does It Work?

Interested in harnessing the power of real time customer insights to improve your customer experience (CX) and drive increased growth?

Here’s what it can look like with the uCX.

As part of our free consultation, we provide you with a CX mini assessment. This provides us with CX data regarding areas of focus and concern, and identifies any CX metrics to which your organization has already collected. This helps us define a starting point for the uCX™ process. We review the assessment and collaborate with you to further identify current CX priorities and concerns. We also discuss and review any additional CX data your organization has already collected including process maps and touchpoints. We then agree on any specific areas you want to focus, locations or departments, and timing to implement uCX™.

uCX™ liaisons arrive on location to begin the uCX™ process of real time customer and employee interaction and data collection. A focus is placed on collecting CX insights in the areas agreed during the initial consultation. Focus is also on collecting CX insights aligned to four core areas of the CX scorecard, people, process, technology, and structure. uCX™ liaisons will be familiarized with your brand and products and services prior to arrival onsite. Given our uCX™ liaisons skills and expertise in understanding of systems, human behavior, process, culture, strategy and organization design, they may also document additional observations that impact CX and organizational performance.

CX data high level analysis and reporting. The data collected by uCX™ liaisons is entered into the CX scorecard. Data is aligned to the four core areas of, people, process, technology, and structure. Additional qualitative data is also captured and reported along with any customer demographics uCX™ liaisons felt comfortable capturing. An executive summary of the data captured, along with any specifics regarding positive CX insights and high level recommendations for areas for improvement, are provided back to your organization.

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Program Overview:

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