Leading and Managing Change and Transformation

Session Summary:

Organization change and operations transformation initiatives can go one of two ways…success or failure. When leading or managing change and transformation we can often feel that we are fighting an uphill battle – personally and professionally.

This workshop will provide examples of tools and frameworks you can use to make your change implementation a success. The workshop also reviews leadership behaviors that help drive buy-in and adoption of change and transformation and covers the differences between change and transition and models for addressing both.

Change itself is a process – managing it, leading it, achieving it is also a process. Participants will learn ways to will help drive successful change and transformation. They will also learn potential ways in which they, or those in the system, may unknowingly be sabotaging change and learn how to overcome them.

This program offers participants:

  • Definitions of change management
  • Ways to start a successful operations transformation or change effort
  • Tools for communicating during change and transformation
  • Tools for leading change and transformation
  • Differences between change and transition and models to address both
  • Important things to focus on during times of change and transformation
  • Individual and organizational reactions to change
  • Tips for how to address resistance to change and increase adoption
  • Several change frameworks and transformation methods to consider
  • Best practices and success factors

Session Details

Preferred Format:

Face to Face (short version can be customized for virtual delivery)



Offered in short and extended formats – 2 hour 1/2 day and full day workshops, additional customization is available.

Shorter virtual version available

Maximum number of participants:

Various depending on desired organizational outcomes and format.

Face to face groups of no more than 25 preferred.

Content Focus:

• Communication

• Leading Change

• Operations Transformation

• Employee Engagement

• Leadership Development

• Generational Differences

• Team Performance

• Process and Strategy

Session Description & Learning objectives:

  • How to plan for operations transformation and prepare for change
  • How to increase engagement and adoption during times of change
  • How to communicate during change
  • How to lead and manage change and transformation