Do you know what your customers are really thinking?

Is your culture responsive and agile?

How do you obtain direct real-time customer experience (cx) feedback?

Is your leadership team outcome driven?

Are you capturing CX data to increase customer loyalty right away?

Are your team habits and behaviors supporting rapid results?

Achieving results requires alignment and accountability.

To create a high performance culture you must first create high performance teams.

Schedule a consultation.

Want to rapidly create high performance teams and culture? Let’s discuss how we can collaborate for success.

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Are You Experiencing Any of These Challenges?

  • Silos inhibiting effective execution of goals
  • Missing revenue and performance goals
  • Ineffective and time-wasting meetings
  • Culture issues impacting performance
  • Poor cross-functional communication
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Minimal ownership and commitment to change
  • Lack of accountability reducing performance
  • Projects running over time and over budget
  • Spin, churn or frequently feeling stuck
  • Too many conflicting priorities
  • Reduced agility and innovation

Breakthrough Leadership Team System.

Creating purpose-driven teams that produce rapid, measurable, and sustainable results.

Are you ready to achieve rapid breakthrough results within weeks not years?

We don’t waste time. This is a “working session.” Not a team-building or training exercise. We don’t do “styles inventories”, “team games”, “role-playing” or “ropes-courses.” We focus on outcomes and execution. B STATE’s powerful mindset and collective habits and behaviors of execution will transform your leadership and organization.

So How Does It Work?

The B STATE Breakthrough Leadership Team System provides a clear roadmap from point A (your current state) to point B (your future state), to rapidly achieve measurable, sustainable, breakthrough results. It creates a true transformation that removes old mindsets and silos by replacing inefficient behaviors with new, success-promoting habits to quickly create the highest performing culture for groundbreaking business outcomes.

We perform some brief upfront data collection and identify external drivers, challenges, and constraints for your business. This ensures we stay aligned, targeted and practical throughout the session.

We don’t waste time. This is a “working session.” Not a team-building or training exercise. We don’t do “styles inventories”, “team games”, “role-playing” or “ropes-courses.” We work with participants to identify shared priority projects, develop an aligned and comprehensive Picture of Successfor achieving Breakthrough Results, develop 10 to 15 core Team Habits and Behaviors of Collective Execution with measurements and improvement goals to optimize operational excellence, develop Team Agreementsfor improving factors critical for team effectiveness, and facilitate outcome driven team meetings (without adding additional time for the team) focused on tracking progress and surfacing and resolving breakdowns.

To ensure the team meetings remain outcome driven and results focused and reflect the mindset and behavior changes committed to by the team, we provide coaching to the team leader to lead those meetings after the initial implementation. And, provide continual coaching for the team leader and project leaders as needed to ensure they keep up with commitments and continue to learn and adjust with the team.

Rarely does any team accountability or performance process use multiple measurements to assess improvement and make adjustments. The Team Accountability Systemmeasures Project Deliverables and Business Outcomes, Team Execution Behaviors, and Team Relationships based on 15 qualities of effective teamwork identified over 25 years of achieving results. These measures are correlated to determine the sustainability of results leading to root cause analysis for refining the team process and achieving agreed upon outcomes. This process repeats every six months to continue evolving the team in response to new business challenges and culture shifts.

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Team habits of execution improve by 60 – 80%
  • Deliverables are on schedule and budget
  • Breakdown of cross functional silos
  • Increased innovation and agility
  • Increase in trust
  • Team relationships improve in 15 key areas by 15 – 35%
  • Improved employee and customer experience
  • Shared ownership and accountability
  • Enhanced communication
  • Rapid conflict resolution
"If you want a culture of accountability and high performance then you must focus on team habits and behaviors. Projects have a beginning and an end. Team habits and behaviors are ongoing."
Mark Samuel

Program Overview:

For more details and FAQs on the rapid results Leadership Team Accountability System, process and approach.

Do you want to increase performance and achieve rapid results? Let's talk.