Behavioral Sales Training: How to Close More Deals by Understanding Yourself and Your Buyer

Behavioral Sales Training: How to Close More Deals by Understanding Yourself and Your Buyer

Tolero Solutions helps businesses achieve sales success through people. The most effective sales teams are those who understand themselves and their behaviors; both their strengths and weaknesses, and also understand the culture and behaviors of their buyers and the organization. Buyers are more receptive to messages delivered in a manner which resonates with them.

Successful sales people understand different buying styles and communication preferences. Having a better understanding of your behaviors and those of your buyers provides the ability to develop a customized sales approach, and adapt selling strategies that best resonate with potential buyers, increasing opportunities for successfully selling your products or services.

We teach your sales team how to:

  • Assess individual and organizational behaviors:Gain a better understanding of your behaviors and how they influence your selling style. What is the culture of the potential buyers organization, how do they operate, and what makes them tick? How can you best adapt your behavior and sales approach to match?
  • Ask the right questions: What can you learn about your sales prospect and their organization? How do they need to hear your message so it resonates, and what is the problem they are trying to solve? How can you perceive and appropriately respond to client objections and concerns? How can you understand different buying styles and communication preferences and adapt for success?
  • Prepare them for post sales changes: When they sign the contract, how will your product or service impact the organization and employees? How can you help prepare them for changes and best set them up for success? What processes may need to change, and what factors should they consider to make implementation a success?

We increase your sales team’s speed and ability to close the deal faster by addressing key human behavioral aspects which help them adapt strategies to meet the demands of their selling environment. Driving the ability to increase customer service excellence – increasing profits and growth.

This sales workshop includes certain behavioral and culture assessmentsand is offered in various formats customized to meet your specific needs, industry, and sales goals.


Dana Tayloris the CEO & Chief Strategist of Intelligent Ethos®, Inc. where she uses her over 15 years of experience to focus on creating, building, and managing customer relationships. Dana helps clients position their value proposition, and obtain buy-in from prospective buyers, generating steady and consistent revenue. Dana effectively manages people, processes, and technology in dynamic cross-functional environments. She is resourceful, goal-oriented and innovative problem-solver with experience in both large-scale and small-scale consulting and training. Dana helps clients manage progress through business initiatives while achieving sustainable growth. With an emphasis on continuity, communication, and collaboration she successfully drives client engagements to success by working with leaders and teams to achieve their goals.

Scott Span, MSOD, CSM supports leaders, teams and individuals to engage and retain employees and wow customers so they can achieve continued growth. He utilizes his direct and authentic style and his sense of humor to form trusted adviser relationships with clients and stakeholders. Scott excels at connecting the dots to keep projects and programs on schedule while minimizing risk. He Leverages his experience in behavioral science and organizational development development to establish working relationships where employee, stakeholder and customer voices are heard, actively listening to ideas and mitigating concerns, increasing engagement and commitment.

His focus is – people. More specifically, people impacted by change and transition. Primarily he works in the areas of technology adoption and digital transformation, culture, change management, and employee and customer experience. Scott has over 20 years of diverse experience working with leaders and teams in multiple industries in both the public and private sectors. He collaborates with clients in achievin g success through people – creating organizations where engaged employees enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business.

Scott is an author on various topics of organizational development and leadership and the creator of the Recruitment and Retention Lifecycle ™. He holds a Masters in Organization Development (MSOD) from American University and the NTL Institute. He is a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and is also certified in various strategy, change, team dynamics and behavioral assessment tools. He also holds a government security clearance.