Change is a constant in the healthcare industry.

Success requires not just meeting mandates 
– but exceeding expectations. 

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Healthcare Advisory Services

Exceeding expectations is our primary goal. Our healthcare advisory services improve and accelerate acceptance of changes for both patients and providers. We create buy-in and engagement and increase adoption – positively impacting patient satisfaction and maximizing your return on investments in processes and technology.

Patient Experience

When it comes to patient care, there is no one size fits all approach. Each patient is unique. Providing a great patient experience requires quality care and a patient-centered approach. We work with you to engage better with your patients and collect meaningful and actionable data. This approach enables you to deliver care that exceeds expectations.

Operations Transformation

Customers expect transparent, accessible and responsive services in healthcare. Operational flexibility and agility, in tandem with technology enabled transformation and strong stakeholder leadership, are required for success. We guide your organization to be more efficient, agile and focused – responding to customer needs and improving satisfaction.

Technology Adoption

Whether it’s EHRs, SaaS, mobile, or cloud, technology is changing the way healthcare is delivered. Technology can enable healthcare’s effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability, but only if users adopt the technology. Without user adoption, technology is just wasted money. Our approach increases buy-in and commitment for new technology, drives engagement, accelerates adoption, enhances efficiencies, and enables you to maximize your return on investment.

Revenue Cycle

In the highly regulated and competitive healthcare landscape, generating margin can be difficult. Balancing patient-centered care, satisfaction scores, and revenue cycle efficiency is no easy task. Today’s financial models include qualitative measures such as quality of care and patient experience which directly impact your financial performance. We guide you to identify and execute on opportunities that will ultimately increase satisfaction, revenue, enhance margins, and expand growth potential.

Case study:

Learn how one large healthcare system deployed a new electronic healthcare records (EHR) system –
while reducing resistance and increasing user adoption.

Meet the Team

Scott Span, MSOD, CSM

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CEO & Senior Advisor, Transformation & Patient Experience

Scott is an accomplished project management and organization transformation specialist with almost 20 years of success guiding leaders through change. Within healthcare, Scott excels at building trusted advisor relationships improving communication and adoption. He guides organizations to become more agile and high performing.

Scott increases engagement among internal and external project teams, as well as between patients and Providers. He focuses on developing processes, governance, and structure and implementing organization and operations transformation methodologies to help minimize resistance to changes and new technology, increasing the ability of a smooth transition and improving adoption for clinicians, providers, and patients.

Bridget Knecht, RN

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Senior Advisor, Healthcare Operations & Technology

With over 17 years of experience in healthcare, Bridget has extensive clinical and healthcare technology (HealthIT) and EHR experience. Her experience began at the bedside as an RN. She began leveraging Cerner products for patient care in a clinical setting prior to transiting to various roles at Cerner Corporation.

Bridget leverages her project management skills and her clinical background to support clients with the documentation and implementation of healthcare technology. She works closely with development teams to assist in creating new platforms for clinical documentation to best meet the needs of clinicians and patients. Bridget has managed EHR projects from large multi-facility to small single application implementations. She excels at gathering and analyzing business and functional requirements and defining workflow process improvements. Bridget also provides physician and nursing coaching and elbow support during go-live ensuring clinicians maximize EHR use while maintaining a focus on patient satisfaction. Her EHR implementation experience includes Cerner Powerchart Maternity and Fetalink, PowerChart Ambulatory, Surginet and AnesthesiaNet.

Rob Beaven

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Senior Advisor, Revenue Cycle Management

Over his 20 plus year career in healthcare, Rob has worked with clients in over 30 states. He has a proven track record in revenue cycle and project management within acute hospitals and long-term care and nursing facilities. Rob has experience with various EHR system implementations, nearly a dozen healthcare technology systems, and healthcare acquisitions and mergers. Rob also has also performed patient and payer audits.

His healthcare IT systems integration and implementation experience includes Cloverleaf, JCAPS, Rhapsody, Cerner Millennium, Cerner CommunityWorks, Orion (HIE), ICD-10, McKesson STAR & Homecare, Siemens Invision, SSI, TeleTracking’s Bed Control, Meditech’s Client Server and Magic. Rob performs systems life-cycle testing and clinical and revenue end-user planning and training. He works collaboratively with clients to define the current state and future state workflow and gap analysis within patient access, patient finance, and HIM departments.

Elizabeth Hunt, RN

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Senior Advisor, Clinical Workflow and Process Improvement

Liz leverages her clinical nursing and healthcare administration experience in both ambulatory and inpatient environments to support clients through healthcare technology transformations. She works collaboratively with clinical and non-clinical teams to define and analyze complex data across platforms, practices and service lines. Liz has EHR experience with Cerner, Epic and McKesson.

Liz supports the design and implementation of new systems and processes for efficient business operations, enhanced ROI, cost savings and revenue generation. She has implemented workflow and process improvements resulting in cost reductions of up to 50%. Liz specializes in operational analysis and implementation of technical and process solutions, driving quality control and efficiency while maintaining a focus on patient care. She mitigates workflow bottlenecks in documentation producing strategic, actionable insights that drive improvements. Liz also provides physician adoption coaching and works closely with physicians evaluating and managing clinical processes in the various specialties.

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What our clients say:

Helped me assess my leadership toolkit and guided me through a number of practical exercises that impacted my work/life in a positive way. Professional, caring, organized, knowledgeable and pushed me to be better...a rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.

Director of Operations
Digestive Disease Associates

Helped with difficult group dynamic issues and departmental strategic planning. Worked to identify current state and strategically plan for future state needs...expertise and guidance have been invaluable in helping move things forward in a positive and productive manner.

Senior Director, Hospitalist Program
Oregon Providence Health & Services

Was a valuable asset to the project. Extremely helpful to my practices before, during and after go-live. Connected the dots and managed all the moving parts. The practices felt very confident and were pointed in the right direction when issues arose that were difficult to manage. Kept me well informed and kept things running as smoothly as possible during conversion and deployment… our savior and our guide during the EHR conversion. A pleasure to work with during our transition. The physicians and staff and I am very glad that we had such a trusted advisor.

Director of Operations
MedStar Health

Fantastic leadership! Worked well with diversified groups under high-stress conditions. Worked collaboratively with multiple groups using various approaches to keep us focused and support us in achieving our goals. Highly organized and supportive and viewed the project from all levels. A key resource for our Cerner implementation.

Director of Oncology Operations
Intermountain Healthcare

For more detail on our healthcare advisory services view our capabilities statement.

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