Authenticity. Transparency. Accountability

We help tackle challenges across industries and government. O ur most effective relationships are with leaders and teams who truly want our support. Those who are committed to working toward achieving positive outcomes – not lip service or a band-aid to cover larger issues. Those who value authenticity, transparency, and accountability. And those who are willing to collaborate and provide the access needed for us to deliver on agreed to outcomes. These are the types of clients who achieve the best results.

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You know your organization best. We collaborate with leaders and organizations genuinely committed to creating better places to work. Quick fixes or band-aids don't produce longterm positive results. Commitment to continuous improvement does.

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Change is never easy but that shouldn't stop progress. We work with those not afraid to tackle changes head on and create a positive and successful transformation for themselves or their organization.

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It is possible to achieve rapid results for a project or initiative. We actually prefer it that way. No need to drag things out. Once we meet agreed to goals we can move on to achieving even more results.

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We believe in being authentic. You should, too. Authenticity leads to trust. Transparency leads to trust. Accountability leads to trust. And without trust, achieving long term positive results can prove difficult.

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We try our hardest to maintain a positive, yet realistic, working relationship. We won't claim things are easy when they can be quite complex. We do try and steer clear of negativity. The most successful clients do the same.

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Our focus is - people. People can fear change. They need their voices heard. They need empathy from leaders. Empathy supports stakeholders to adapt and adopt to new changes and increases success.

People don’t necessarily resist change. They resist poor planning and implementation. When they feel they are being forced or manipulated into accepting change. When the purpose for change is not clearly communicated or understood. When it doesn’t make sense to those impacted. When people feel unsupported and unheard. They will resist.
Scott Span
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MedStar Health


Was a valuable asset to the project. Extremely helpful to my practices before, during and after go-live. Connected the dots and managed all the moving parts. The practices felt very confident and were pointed in the right direction when issues arose that were difficult to manage. Kept me well informed and kept things running as smoothly as possible during conversion and deployment… our savior and our guide during the EHR conversion. A pleasure to work with during our transition. The physicians and staff and I am very glad that we had such a trusted advisor.
Director of Operations at MedStar Health
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Capital One


Tolero Solutions provided program and project management support for an IT initiative impacting lines of business (LOBs) across the organization. Great ROI. They added additional value by building a new governance structure and change management, change control processes and risk management framework. Work needed to be performed in a tight time frame. They hit the ground running, communicating with executive leadership, and performing research and data gathering for buy-in before executing on approach.
Sr. Director Project Delivery Office, Capital One
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Department of Defense (DoD)


One of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with. Should the opportunity arise, I would look forward to working with them again in the future. An instrumental part in communicating and preparing our organization for change. Attributed to improved inter-office relationships and increased our support of the strategy for moving forward.
Director of Technology Integration, Department of Defense (DoD)
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Excelled at turning vague new concepts into a clearly defined reality… work led to significant improvements to our eventual work processes and services. Saved time and resources for our entire team…was a value add and definitely an asset to our project. Great results, good value, high integrity!
Sr. Executive, Accenture
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