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It’s time for President Elect Trump to put his money where his mouth is…

It’s time for President Elect Trump to put his money where his mouth is…

Dear President-elect Trump,

Stop it! I mean seriously…stop it.

You claim you want to be a President for everyone. Well you can’t be a President for everyone when thousands of fearful people are protesting in the streets. And all you can say is “stop it.” You can’t be a President for everyone when you talk to fearful Americans like children who got caught passing a note in class.

And you can’t unify the country when what you say is not aligned with what you actually do. You say you want to be a President for all Americans and then you appoint Stephen Bannon to your Administration?

With all of the reports of swastikas painted on walls, white and black people getting beat up, the LGBT community being harassed…. NOW is the time to prove all of us who aren’t happy that we are wrong.

That’s something we have in common President-elect Trump – we both love to prove people wrong. But, there is a way to go about doing so that doesn’t cause harm. Now’s your chance to show ALL Americans you can deliver on your message of unification – assuming that wasn’t all BS?

A good way to begin the healing and a legacy of unification, growth, and change is to begin by genuinely denouncing the violence and hate that has been occurring since Election Day. Create plans, you know actual actions and not just words, to help squelch the fears and calm the chaos.

No lip service. Action. You’ve got the pulpit now. Use it positively.

We all know you don’t have a problem speaking up. Start the healing process and make a statement soon that the kind of hate crimes against minorities, the spreading of divisive propaganda will not be tolerated by you or your administration – and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. “Stop it” isn’t enough and it’s certainly not going to win you over any converts.

I spent the vast majority of the 2016 election cycle yelling at The Today Show every morning as they covered you and your Democratic opponent, Secretary Hillary Clinton.

And let me be blunt – as we also have that in common – most of the yelling was at you. Now, it’s not that I think you’re the devil incarnate. But could you benefit from some leadership coaching and diversity training – yeah.

Now look, I also didn’t vote for you.  I mean…based on your perceived persona I just couldn’t. I’m more a strategic kind of guy. I’m all for tell it like it is, I myself have been called a loud mouth and even a bully at times, though I’m also all for plans and facts.

I didn’t hear many of those during your campaign and I still don’t. Now I think you’re a brilliant salesman and marketer. You were selling a persona and marketing it to the American people.

It worked. All sales are final. No returns.

They bought what you were selling. I don’t mean the rhetoric and off the wall things you said, I mean the fact that you were selling change – maybe not my kind of change but change nonetheless. Our country’s future is at stake, and guess what, so is your personal legacy.

Change isn’t easy – I’d know – I’m a change agent for a living. People pay me to help advise them on successful change and transition. Successful change starts with commitment. It starts with a leader who can represent all those impacted by change. A leader who can energize the masses, not just select groups, to take a leap of faith and follow them on this great journey into the scary unknown.

You made promises to improve American lives – ALL – American lives. So, chop-chop Mr. President-elect.

Take women’s reproductive rights as an example. You want to make changes to policy, start by inviting those with a uterus to the table. Bring together women from all backgrounds and views to share their thoughts, fears, and ideas. We are a country ‘for the people and by the people’ after all.

Let the people impacted by your potential changes have a say. Invite them to help shape policy to which directly impacts their own lives. Will they all agree, no. Will they all get along, probably not. Will they at least start to feel heard by the man elected to lead them, most likely.

This is the type of behavior that will go a long way toward healing this country and giving you the type of personal legacy you can be proud of.

Gotta tell you President-elect Trump, if you can’t do that and mean it, it makes you look like a hater yourself. That perception won’t help you unify the country. It won’t get people to buy into your belief in change.

Your behavior, your actions, your decisions all serve as examples for the American people. Make them good examples.

But don’t forget – leading the country is not like leading a corporation. You can’t bark orders and expect people to follow you. You can’t “fire” those who disagree. You must seek to understand. You must make an effort to reach out and hear the concerns and fears of those who don’t support you.

And President-elect Trump, I’m with Mayor Bloomberg on this one, “this isn’t reality TV, it’s reality.” A reality many of us, including you, didn’t expect. But, reality nonetheless.

And in reality, you need to be a genuine, compassionate, leader who truly shows interest and concern for all American people.

Now, it’s not just one party or a group of employees or shareholders you represent – it’s our entire nation. And a diverse nation at that. From the rust belt to the inner cities – you’ve got to balance the needs, values, concerns, and fears of ALL of America!

I wish you nothing but success as our new president, success in unifying the country, success in bringing people together, success in working for and protecting the rights of ALL Americans regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income level, or ethnicity.

However, that kind of success won’t come easy, you’ll have to work for it as will those you choose to advise you. So, choose wisely.  Make decisions carefully. Be a leader for all people – I mean that is what you said you wanted to be or was that just lip service?

Our country’s future is at stake, and guess what, so is your personal legacy.

So, back to change. You’re a smart man. Enough with the absurd proposals like walls and taking away healthcare for people who need it. Change begins with bringing all sides to the table. Making everyone, not just a select group, feel their voices are heard. To do this you’re going to need to reach out to those who didn’t, and may still not, support you. So, check what many see as a fragile ego. Work harder to take criticism and truly listen to views different from your own. Put on your big boy pants and a nice Trump tie and get to work. You’ve gotta be the bigger man here.

Now, President-elect Trump, you’ll always have haters, we all do if we’re really trying to bring about change. It’s your job to try and represent the concerns of even those who may disagree. I don’t envy the task in front of you. But for the benefit of our country, I do hope you choose to represent ALL Americans, in working toward a safer more tolerant future. And though I won’t support you in division you do have my support in an attempt at unity.

I sure hope you can continue making America great.  Otherwise – maybe there is something Donald J Trump isn’t good at after all. Go ahead. Prove me, and many of your fellow Americans, wrong – please.

About Scott Span, MSOD: is CEO & Lead Consultant of Tolero Solutions – a Leadership Effectiveness & Strategy firm.  He helps clients in achieving success through people, creating organizations where people enjoy working and customers enjoy doing business.