PRESS RELEASE: Tolero Solutions Launches Healthcare Advisory Services | Tolero Solutions
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PRESS RELEASE: Tolero Solutions Launches Healthcare Advisory Services

PRESS RELEASE: Tolero Solutions Launches Healthcare Advisory Services

When it comes to patient care, there is no one size fits all approach. Change is a constant. Patients expect transparent, accessible, responsive, and affordable services.  Providing a great patient experience requires quality care and a patient-centered approach, all while balancing satisfaction scores and revenue cycle efficiency. No easy task for healthcare systems and Providers.

71% of global healthcare CEOs are concerned about adapting to the speed with which technology changes

That’s why we launched our new Healthcare Advisory Services!

Success requires not just meeting mandates but exceeding expectations. Exceeding expectations is our primary goal. Tolero Solutions has formed a partnership to launch a new healthcare advisory service line. The partnership combines over 25 years of healthcare experience with Tolero Solutions’ established change and technology adoption expertise.

40% of projects fail to meet business objectives within one year of implementation

Our healthcare advisory services improve and accelerate acceptance of changes for both patients and providers. We create buy-in and engagement and increase adoption – positively impacting patient satisfaction and maximizing your return on investments in processes and technology.

We look forward to collaborating to help you solve your healthcare challenges.

Read the press release here: Tolero Solutions Launches New Healthcare Advisory Services