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Appreciative Inquiry: ROI with a Positive View of Change

Appreciative Inquiry: ROI with a Positive View of Change

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Guest Author: Helene Sugarman

Whenever we decide to go through a change effort we must become aware of all the time, energy (emotional and physical) and resources any change takes.  Are we willing to commit all of this time and energy?  And, when we do make this commitment, what will we get back from this investment?

So, you’ve made the commitment to go through a change effort and you have decided to use Appreciative Inquiry to frame your changes. The big question is ‘what do I get back’ – ROI?  Here is what you can expect.

  1. We are faced with waves of positive change which can produce ‘hope’.  When we are able to hope then anything is possible.
  2. We can produce strength and power, particularly when we work together as a team.
  3. We can move forward toward our desired future through reflection.
  4. We have the opportunity to be able to see the beauty and the complexity in what we do.
  5. This leads to us being able to feel more connected to each other.
  6. We can become smarter about what we do.
  7. We learn how to communicate with honesty and listen with all parts of our body.
  8. We can set goals we can meet.
  9. We can move upward using our positive core.
  10. We build trust.
  11. We increase productivity.
  12. We maintain motivation and improve retention.
  13. We can have more fun at work.
  14. People support what they create.
  15. We can aim for an upward movement of our positive core to increase our productivity.

These are just some of the possibilities of what you may get back when you use Appreciative Inquiry and totally commit to a positive and strength-based change effort using innovative change methods and ways of working.

How will you experience your own ROI? How will you choose to invest yourself to move forward?  How can you help your organization move forward?  These choices are up to you.

Are you ready to change?  Are you ready to commit yourself and necessary resources?

About Author: Helene Sugarman is Principal of Dynamic Communication, a woman-owned, registered, small business specializing in culture transformation and change management. Helene works collaboratively with client’s to help manage change. She brings extensive experience and focus using Appreciative Inquiry. Dynamic Communication helps organizations develop effective, pro-active communication; aligning systems for maximum productivity.

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